About Us

Our Mission

Our lodge is a space with soul and identity, immersed in nature and historical heritage.We are an idyllic, romantic, magical and sensorial refuge that offers authentic experiences in an atmosphere of comfort, peace, and respect for biodiversity and the process of improving life on Earth.

Our vision

We want to be a reference of Nature lodging, a destination in itself that invites you to stay a few days at any time of the year, to truly connect with the uniqueness and authenticity of this place.

Our values

Spread  exemplary practices to protect the environment,  the historical and the cultural heritage. The respect for the well-being and happiness of all those around us.

Thinking of You

Visit Monsanto

Walk along the Roman road to the historic village of Monsanto or explore one of the pedestrian routes.

Strolling through the woods

Feel the nature around you, walk barefoot in silence, discover the autochthonous flora and fauna.

Slow down

Get a massage, lie down in the garden, read a book, meditate on the top of a magnificent boulder.




"If you want a truly fantastic and authentic Portuguese experience, this is the best place to stay.A really unbelievable setting in Monsanto."

Jose Gonzalez


"Water and green dominate but even better: the friendliness of those who welcome us!"



"Me and my partner had such an amazing experience here, one of the most memorable stays I've ever had. You're welcomed into a home with your own private space or to share the experience with the family."

Estefania Sanchez

Our thoughts for march 2023

"Everything in Nature invites us constantly to be what we are."

Gretel Ehrlich